Grounds on Which the Production of Fake Stubs Was Illegalized

A pay stub is also referred to as a pay advice or a pay slip. A pay slip indicates the amount of salary that was deposited in an employee’s account. The stub contains the gross amount, deductions and the net amount. Insurance contributions, taxes, pension contributions and loan deductions are some of the main deductions on the stub. Today the stubs are used in borrowing money, renting houses and homes and most importantly as a proof of payment.

Today, many employees and workers download their stubs from their companies and businesses’ website. We also have a lot of cases of fake stubs. The fake stub is a proof of a false payment. The making of fake stubs was illegalized because of the following.

The making of fake stubs is a forgery. Forgery is an illegal activity. Some security features of a stub are signatures, watermarks, stamps, and seals so you must find backdoor methods to get the stamps, seals and watermarks will be printed on the fake stub. In order to get the stamps, seals and the signatures needed, one must liaise with the relevant officials. This results in bribing which is corruption.

A fake pay slip will give false promises. Many banks, car dealers, and real estate investors ask for pay slips. The moment the bank, car seller or the real estate company notices that you pay slip is fake, you will get no loan, car or any real estate property respectively. The law requires you to be charged with forgery in case you are caught. The bank, car dealer, and the real estate investor may suffer losses as a result of receiving fake stubs.

A fake stub can be used in soliciting favors. People will fail to notice that you pay slips are fake and they may end up giving you some money and other material goods. A fake pay slip will persuade your friends and relatives to give you a loan.

The fake pay slips have incorrect information and figures. False information and miscalculations are common on the fake payslips since they are produced by incompetent people. The common mistakes on the pay slips are misspelled words and improper placing of decimal points.

A fake pay slip may be used evading some responsibilities. In order to be relieved from carrying out some tasks which require money, you may produce a fake stub with a less amount of net income. Then you will be relieved the financial task.

The above are grounds on which the making of fake pay slips was illegalized.

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